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E-Liner EMIT

E-Liner EMIT test system
E-Liner EMIT module
E-Liner EMIT module with trolley

E-Liner EMIT is available in two versions – as single test system or as universal test system.

E-Liner EMIT Module

The E-Liner EMIT acceleration unit relies on the proven electric drive of FronTone and therefore is the first exclusively electrically driven test system for Ejection Mitigation tests in the vehicle interior. It complies with all requirements of FMVSS226 final rule of January 13, 2011, such as:

  • Friction at 100 kg loaded weight: max 30 N
  • Static deflection at 100 kg loaded weight in all directions: max 8,5 mm
  • Head impactor can be rotated 360° in steps of 5°
  • The guiding unit can also be rotated 360° in steps of 90° to fulfill the calibration requirements of the test procedure

And also:

  • no preliminary tests necessary
  • maintenance-free
  • easy and safe handling
  • in continuous operation at customer's site since March 2011
  • speed accuracy: +/- 0,05 km/h
  • trigger reproducibility: +/- 0,5 ms

FronTone's Ejection Mitigation module can be integrated into existing test stands using either our electric drive or the drive of the existing test stand.

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Positioning unit

The positioning unit of the E-Liner test system is mounted to the floor. The control cabinets are integrated into the positioning unit. The positiong movements are effected with a wireless touchscreen control panel.

The system control includes features such as storage of 10 target points, automatical detection of the stored target points and the automated returning of the positioning unit before test start after target detection.

Read also about our universal test system.

The advantages of the E-Liner principle

Electronically controlled test speed:

  • no testing matrix
  • no adjustment tests
  • shorter test cycles

Precise tests, precise results:

  • speed accuracy: +/- 0,1 km/h
  • FMH and PED HEAD: accurate targeting due to force-free acceleration
  • FLEX PLI GTR: accurate targeting due to smooth acceleration

Electrically driven:

  • independent of room temperature and air humidity
  • very safe handling

Frictionless propulsion:

  • lower maintenance costs due to lower abrasion